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Stratio is the World’s Leading Real-time Predictive Fleet Maintenance Platform. The company's proprietary technology combines large-scale processing with the latest machine learning techniques to prevent hundreds of thousands of breakdowns from happening every day, thus saving millions of people from the hassle of public transportation delays, postponed deliveries, or late arrival of essential goods.

Stratio’s platform enables zero downtime for 5 of the 10 largest transportation companies in the world.

Fleet operators in Europe, North America, Asia-pacific, and Latin America trust Stratio’s technology to fully leverage the data under the hood to safeguard operations, and keep customers happy. Stratio’s technology has enabled transportation for 1.3 billion people so far.


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Transportation drives humanity forward. At Stratio we have a purpose: to change the transportation industry. We believe in a future with no disruptions, where vehicles never break down, a zero downtime future.

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Our team has dedicated professionals from Hardware, Embedded Systems, Software Development to Research professionals on Data Science and Automotive Experts. Here’s a sneak peak of what our technical teams do:

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